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I have personally gained some fantastic benefits through exercise and good nutrition (following a traumatic injury to both legs), Regaining 100% mobility, increased energy, better quality sleep, weight loss, body toning, self confidence, mental focus, improved balance and posture, better circulation, and much more!  

There is now ample evidence which confirms that by following a regular exercise routine and employing a good dietary routines (which are nutritionally compatible - not always what we are told! we have to use / develop our own tuition.  It is my belief we are all capable of remaining healthy and fit to a ripe old age.

And it is proven that good nutrition is vitally important as we age.  Following the same 'old' diet is not enough for most of us as nowadays many of the nutrients in the soil are depleted, and in some cases,  by as much as 80%. Therefore to ensure you are maintaining health and getting getting the nutrients you need, it is essential to take a good quality supplement.

I am a qualified Health Coach and Exercise Specialist,  I came across Lily and Loaf products a few years ago and from seeing the benefits myself first hand - my mission was not to 'sell' the products but to help others plan their 'health' journey with excellent information to inform their decision making - to equip them with the tools to go on their own health journey with the intent of setting goals and transforming their own health; through this method.  It is the only method available to improve health - that is with natural food and natural supplements.  The old system of prescription drugs whilst, may have a few short-term benefits for some, i.e. keeping the pharmaceutical companies earning billions - which is very bad for everyone, in particular our GP's who have to practice 'Sick Care' and not 'Health Care'. Many of these drugs are dangerous to our health - they do not treat the 'root' cause in the long run, as it is founded on chemical reactions, 'side effects' deterioration, mental decline, and faster ageing. This is not what most would want to lead a healthy active and happy life. 

My message is simple – “Your health is in ‘your own hands’ – not in your GP or your partners, don’t leave it until its too late!  Every step to improvement that you take will add months and years to your life”.

This unique service offers to do things differently; step by step changes and a new mindset, Pepup Health - is a new personal nutritional coaching and specialist exercise training offering tailored solutions for people who want to make the most of 'quality products and 'quality information - based on real science and evidence - not 'mumbo jumbo' from mainstream sources. 

This approach is not for everyone as many of us do not want to make lifestyle changes.  It is only available for those who are comitted to make a difference to their own health and their families health through a willingness to make changes, change their mindset, learning from experts in their field and trusting their own journey - through indpendent self-care, freedom and the ability to improve their lives.

If you are really ready to start your health journey -- using 'best quality up-to-date' information - through years of research from proven experts in health information.  You can start on the 'Right' journey here with me on a unique ' a step by step approach to give up the habits which are making you 'sick' and make new habits to turn your journey into a more active and healthy lifestyle. This is the key to attain better health. Are you are on the right track?  There is no quick fix to make your life better - but I can help you get there much quicker than what it would take on your own;  I will share many secrets of health knowledge gained over the years. 

I care deeply about 'good health' that's why I have spent many years of health research finding out the truth about what has proven health benefits. All information is confidential - for better health care - please enquire on -






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